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Sponsorship Opportunities

The 100+ Women Who Care Tucson and its events are run by an Executive Committee of big-hearted volunteers along with the assistance of some very generous sponsors. If you or your company are interested in sponsoring an event or getting involved, we have many sponsorship opportunities available. Check them out below, or contact us for more information.


$500 – $999


    • Your Logo on 4 BIG GIVE agendas

    • Thanked from the stage at 1 BIG GIVE

    • Your logo website

    • Your logo on 4 BIG GIVE screen presentations


$1,000 – $2,499


    • All Friend benefits

    • Sponsorship Spotlight on social media 1 time per year

    • Logo placement on Chapter t-shirt


$2,500 – $4,999


    • All Friend & Kindred benefits
    • Second Social Media Spotlight per year
    • 30 second Sponsor Spot on social media 2 times per year



$5,000 – $9,999


    • All Friend, Kindred, & Family benefits

    • 4 Social Media Spotlights per year

    • 30 second Sponsor Spot on Website

    • 30 second Sponsor Spot on social media 4 times per year

    • 30 second Sponsor spot at BIG GIVE 4 times per year

Title Sponsor



    • All Friend, Kindred, Family & Sistering benefits

    • Logo on table tents at quarterly BIG GIVES

Other Ways to Support 100+

  • Spread the word
    • Get us press
    • Invite friends
    • Engage us on social media. Likes, Shares, Tags, Comments, Posts
    • Tell your contacts about us
    • Interview us
    • Review us
    • Post testimonials
  • Volunteer
    • Everyone involved with 100+, from our hard-working Leadership Team to everyone you see helping at BIG GIVES, are volunteers.
  • Help us improve
    • Have an idea? Let’s talk!

Why Support 100+

    • 100+ sponsorship is a great way to get exposure to a network of philanthropic-minded women. 100s of members and guests attend our BIG GIVE events. As an added bonus, many of our members are leaders in the business community.
    • 100+ is a purely charitable organization. 100+ is 100% volunteer-run.
    • 100+ donates 100% of Members’ $100 donations to the nonprofits we support.
    • 100+ operating costs are 100% sponsor funded. The administrative costs of running a top-notch organization are daunting. Sponsors, both financial and in-kind, are needed to cover the following expenses:
      • Cost of BIG GIVE events for hundreds of Members and Guests. The events are critical to our mission.
      • Mailings
      • Member recognition T-Shirts
      • Website management
      • Credit card management
      • Printing costs
      • Nametag purchase

Please consider joining our team of exceptional Sponsors!

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