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About 100+ WWC

Driven by the desire to make a difference and inspired by other great 100+ Women Who Care (WWC) chapters around the US and the world, we have created a local philanthropic group of fabulous women who are capable of doing great things in our community.

The Concept

We are an informal group of local women who love to GIVE. We support local charities with funds, exposure, and awareness. Our chapter is run by an Executive Committee of big-hearted volunteers and funded by some very generous sponsors. 100% of your $100 donation goes directly to a local charity.

Check out How It Works to learn more.

Big Impact, Little Time

We have 500+ members.
500+ women x $100 = $50,000+ per quarter
1-hour x 4 meetings = 4 hours per year
$50,000 x 4 meetings = $200,000+ per year

Our goal is to have 500 members, imagine what $200,000 could do in helping our amazing local non-profits in Tucson!

The Story Behind 100 Who Care

Karen Dunigan always found it interesting that one of her greatest ideas was born from something as simple and basic as baby cribs. It was during lunch one day in 2006 in Jackson, Michigan with executive leadership from the Center for Family Health, where other fundraising matters were being discussed, that the Center’s CEO mentioned a need she learned about at a staff meeting earlier that morning regarding new mothers and portable cribs. Karen’s ears perked and she told the CEO that would be something she would like to know more about and another lunch was scheduled to specifically discuss the need.

During the follow-up lunch, details were shared on how new mothers were bringing their babies home and placing the sleeping infants in boxes, dresser drawers, or on their own beds because they could not afford a proper crib. Some of these babies didn’t survive the night. Karen was presented with a list of how many cribs were needed, the cost of mattresses, blankets, and beds. In all, a total of $10,000 was needed.

As Karen began thinking about the Center for Family Health’s need, she knew there had to be a way to quickly and easily meet the financial request that was presented. With all of her involvement in the community, Karen knew she could call ten people and ask them to write $1,000 checks, but she also figured she knew 100 women who would each give $100. She began making phone calls and scheduled a meeting. At that first meeting, in one hour, a group of Karen’s friends heard the story and each wrote checks to the Center for Family Health, resulting in a $12,800 donation, more than requested, to supply new mothers with the simplest need: a crib.

Karen recognized that she was on to something special and that it too was in its own infancy and needed to be nurtured to grow. She founded the first 100+ Women Who Care and scheduled quarterly meetings. The rules were simple, any member could present a need in the community, the need had to be immediate and the money had to remain local. The idea was that a worthy cause benefits many in the community.

Karen’s legacy lives on through the expansion of 100+ Chapters throughout the world. There are now more than 900 chapters either fully operational (650) or under development (more than 250) and they include women, men, people, kids, and teens chapters. Karen saw people for their strengths and realized that when 100 or more people come together in a room, each person becomes a powerful force for doing good work while lifting up your community. We are each strong in our own right, but together we are stronger. Karen knew this, applauded it, and was so very proud of 100+ Women Who Care.

100+ Women Who Care Tucson Leadership Team

Together, these women are involved with the strategy and administration of the group, our online presence, public relations, and other responsibilities between quarterly meetings. This group facilitates the meetings and ensures things run smoothly from start to finish all while volunteering time to 100+ WWC.

Desha Bymers-Davis – Tucson Founder/Community Builder

Diana Charbonneau, Member at Large


Julie Klewer, CPA – Technical Advisor

Veronica Adams – Membership

Devi Clinton – Member at large

Jennifer Phelps – Communication

Mindi Bennett – Member at large

Chrisie Ballard – Member at large

100+ Women Who Care Ambassador Team

If you are a  super connector, have a heart for 100+, and think our ambassador team may be for you, send us a note and we will be in touch.

In The News

100+ Women Who Care Tucson is making an impact in our community! Please check back often for current press releases and articles. For media inquiries, you may reach us by using our contact us form.

Did you know the 100+ Alliance vision is at work in the Tucson community? In our newest podcast episode, our host Martha welcomes local philanthropists Desha Bymers-Davis, founder of 100+ Women Who Care Tucson, and Jonathan LePage, founder of 100+ Guys Who Give Tucson.

100+Women Who Care Tucson passes a milestone

A local giving circle is on a roll: 100+ Women Who Care Tucson recently passed a $500,000 donation milestone and hopes to celebrate its 25th “Big Give” by donating at least $30,000 to a local charity on Thursday, Jan. 27, at The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa. Read the full article.

Boom Goddess Radio Interview of Desha Bymers-Davis to spotlight the work of 100+ Women Who Care Tucson and two organizations that the Tucson chapter has recognized in the past year – YOTO (Youth on their Own) with Bethany Neumann, and The Steven M. Gootter Foundation with Claudine Messings.

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