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How It Works

  • Once a quarter, our members attend the BIG GIVE and donate $100.
  • Members have the opportunity to nominate a local charity after being a member for a quarter.
  • At the BIG GIVE, nominating members in attendance place their charity “in the hat”.
  • Three charities will be drawn.
  • The nominating members (or a member of their choice) make a 5-minute, verbal presentation, about their charity’s mission and why it is deserving of the win.
  • Members have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • An anonymous vote is held and the charity with the most votes will receive $100 from each member. No proxy voting.
  • The member who nominated the recipient charity will be asked to participate in the presentation of the BIG CHECK GIVE to the winning charity.
  • The selected charity is invited back next quarter to share the BIG IMPACT of our donation.


  • Charities must be vetted two weeks before the BIG GIVE.
  • Winning charities are not eligible for re-nomination for 24 months (8 BIG GIVES) after their win.
  • Members may switch charities at any time via the nomination process.
  • Only members are allowed to vote and address the members.
  • Ties will be decided by one more round of votes with tied charities. If a tie persists, the charities that are tied will go back in the hat and the recipient will be drawn.
  • Our charities must agree not to give out member information or add members to their mailing list for future solicitation.
  • Members are responsible for ensuring 100+ has their current email address. Tax receipts will be emailed from The Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona.  (EIN 31-1660702)

You are welcome to attend any BIG GIVE live event as a guest and bring a friend or two or three!

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