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Nominate A Charity


  • After one-quarter of membership, 100+ Women Who Care Tucson Members may nominate a charity.
  • Nominations must be submitted two weeks prior to the BIG GIVE.
  • Multiple members can nominate the same charity.
  • Click here to see a list of charities that have already been vetted.
  • Members may switch to a new charity at any time. Nominate below.

The BIG GIVE Event

  • Nominating members place their charity in the hat. You must be present.
  • Three (3) charities are drawn at random.
  • The nominating members (or another member) will present the three (3) charities to the group.
  • The members vote and the winning charity is the recipient of the group’s donation.
  • The winning charity will be eligible again in 18 months.

Nominate A Charity

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