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Yes! Take a look at our list of List of Approved Charities for links to each of their websites. Each charity will have a list of ways you can help them carry out their mission.

Absolutely zero! 100+ Women Who Care Tucson is organized and operated entirely by big-hearted women who volunteer their time. We have no employees. Our operating expenses are offset by generous sponsor donations. 100% of funds donated at a meeting go directly to the selected charity!

The goal of 100+ Women Who Care Tucson is to make one BIG donation on behalf of each group within our chapter. To make a BIG impact, we want to give thousands of dollars at the end of each group meeting. The only way to do that is to make each member’s donation part of the larger donation. This is the power of being a member.
 We also need to be able to track your donations so you get credit for the donation and remain in good standing. Only members in good standing can nominate and vote.

Yes, by the charity chosen to be the recipient. Your $100 goes directly to the charity, NOT to 100+ Women Who Care Tucson. Tax receipts will be issued to you directly by the charity, which is why you need to have a current address on or attached to your check. If you have not received your tax receipt within a reasonable amount of time, please contact the charity directly.

No, a charity may only be nominated by a member.

If a member has an affiliation with a charity, i.e. they are an officer, board member, employee or volunteer, they are allowed to nominate that charity and present on its behalf.

The most common type of tax-exempt nonprofit organization falls under category 501(c)(3), whereby a nonprofit organization is exempt from federal income tax if its activities have the following purposes: charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering amateur sports competition, or preventing cruelty to children or animals. For more information please visit the IRS website. Before submitting your nomination, we also recommend that you do some research on GuideStar and Charity Navigator to learn more about the charity. Our Charity Selection Guide will also guide you in determining if the charity has a solid foundation and is trending in a positive fiscal direction.

For the purposes of 100+ Women Who Care about Tucson, all charitable organizations up for consideration must be local. A local project associated with a national charity may be considered if 100% of the donated funds stay in the Tucson Metropolitan community.

Please review our Charities section for eligibility requirements.

Once you join our chapter you may nominate a charity. You must be a member for 1 quarter before you may nominate a charity. You may have one (1) charity attached to your name at a time. You may change your charity on record at any time. For more information, please see our Charities section.

The website will have the most up-to-date info at all times. New members will receive a confirmation/welcome email from us within 24 hours of joining. If you have not received it, please contact us. Of course, we will also be regularly updating Instagram, TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook so be sure to follow us on social media.

Note: Please add to your email address book. We make every effort to reach you, but sometimes your security settings may prohibit us from doing so. As well, if you change your email address, please let us know. Should you wish to discontinue membership at any time, please contact us indicating your withdrawal from the chapter.

100+ Women Who Care about Tucson collects your personal information (including name, email address, phone number, and mailing address) strictly for the purpose of keeping in contact with our members. Our membership database is used for administrative purposes only.

100+ Women Who Care about Tucson will not sell, give, or otherwise share your personal information with any third party. Ever. We may occasionally recognize our members via social media and other media. If you want to remain anonymous you must let us know at the time of joining.

Absolutely not! If we can make a BIG impact with 100 women, why not grow and make an even BIGGER difference? The more the merrier we say!

Yes! We are always looking for women who want to GIVE BIG. However, your friend will not be able to vote at the meeting unless she completes the Membership and Commitment Forms before voting begins. She is, of course, able to donate to the selected charity if she feels moved to do so.

If you cannot attend a quarterly meeting don’t worry! It will come out automatically

  • Absent members can not vote by proxy unfortunately so if you are not able to attend you cannot vote.

Meetings will take no more than an hour. We aim to start promptly at 6:30 pm. If you wish to come earlier or stay later, there will be opportunities to socialize both before and after the formal part of each one-hour meeting.

Expect to be greeted by an Executive Committee member and asked to sign-in at the check-in table. There will be a cash bar and time for mingling with other fabulous, like-minded women.

Generally, our meetings will go as follows:

5:30 pm – Check-in and mingling

6:30 pm – Meeting begins

  • Opening remarks by Executive Committee.
  • The charity that received the funds from the previous meeting will be asked to say a few words of thanks and tell the group how their donations were/will be used and what the impact their donations made on the organization.
  • An explanation of the charity selection and voting process is given.
  • Three (3) nominated charities will be selected at random from the hat.
  • The members who nominated those three (3) charities will each have five (5) minutes to present their charity to the group (no PowerPoint or collateral materials, please). A brief Q&A will follow each presenter.
  • Members will submit their anonymous ballot and the votes are tabulated.
  • The charity with the most votes is announced.
  • The next meeting and venue are announced.

7:30 pm – Meeting is adjourned. Stay and mingle more or head home.

Membership in 100+ Women Who Care about Tucson includes making an annual tax-deductible donation of $400 ($100 per quarter) to local charities serving the Tucson Metropolitan area. Teams of two (2) split that amount between team members ($50 each per quarter). Members commit to fulfilling that donation amount even if they, or their team, did not vote for the selected charity. Attendance at meetings is not mandatory but the donation is.

Membership is for a one (1) year period of time and will renew automatically unless notice is given.

Members may withdraw at any time.

Yes. Your donation receipt will come via e-mail.

You may change your subscription anytime you need to! Just let us know and we will make the changes.

A collective check will be presented to the Charity on the 30th of the month of the quarterly meeting.

Your credit card will be debited on the 1st of January, April, July, and October.

If you would like to become a member, please visit the Become a Member section to complete our Membership – Commitment Form.

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