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Nominate A Charity

If you are a current member and would like to nominate a charity for consideration by 100+ Women Who Care about Tucson, please fill out the following form. You must be a member for 1 quarter before you may nominate a charity. You may also download the form as a PDF document and send via email to Please feel free to use this email template when you contact the organization for assistance in answering these questions.

Completed forms must be submitted at least two (2) week prior to a quarterly meeting. This gives us time to ensure the charity meets our eligibility requirements. Approved charities will go “in the hat” at the upcoming meeting. Three (3) charities are drawn at random at each quarterly meeting. The nominating members will present the three (3) charities to the group. The members vote and the charity with the majority vote is the recipient of the group’s donations. The winning charity will be eligible again in 18 months.

Click here to see a list of charities that have already been nominated and approved.

REMEMBER! All nomination deadlines are 2 weeks prior to the event.

Nominate A Charity

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